Call for Papers 2018

International IFIP Cross Domain Conference for Machine Learning & Knowledge Extraction CD-MAKE
in Hamburg (Germany) August 27 – 30, 2018

You can download the CD-MAKE CfP 2018 here: CD-MAKE-CfP-2018

CD stands for Cross-Domain and means the integration and appraisal of seemingly disparate fields (e.g. algebraic topology, entropy, geometry, etc.) and different application domains (e.g. Health, Industry 4.0, AAL, etc.) to provide an atmosphere to foster different perspectives and opinions. The conference is dedicated to offer an international platform without any boundaries for novel ideas and a fresh look on the methodologies to put crazy ideas into Business for the benefit of society. Serendipity is a desired effect, and shall cross-fertilize methodologies and transfer of algorithmic developments.

Papers are sought from the following seven topical areas (see image below) fostering an integrated machine learning approach. For an overview refer to the inaugural paper of the new Machine Learning & Knowledge Extraction (MAKE) journal:

Holzinger, A., 2017. Introduction to MAchine Learning & Knowledge Extraction (MAKE). Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction, 1(1), p.1. Available at:

❶ DATA – Data science (data fusion, preprocessing, mapping, knowledge representation)
❷ LEARNING – Machine learning algorithms
❸ VISUALIZATION – and visual analytics
❹ PRIVACY – data protection, safety, security, ethics, acceptance and social issues of ML
❺ NETWORK – graphical models, graph-based ML
❻ TOPOLOGY – geometrical machine learning, topological data analysis
❼ ENTROPY – time and machine learning, entropy-based ML

Holzinger, A. 2017. Introduction to Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction (MAKE). Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction, 1, (1), 1-20, doi:10.3390/make1010001.

The goal of the CD-MAKE conference is to bring together researchers from these seven areas in an cross-disciplinary manner, to stimulate fresh ideas and to encourage multi-disciplinary problem solving.

Proposals for Workshops, Tutorials, Special Sessions, Industrial exhibitions welcome
(please consult Andreas Holzinger (a.holzinger AT for questions).

2017 Accepted Papers have been published by Springer LNCS.

There are special issues and special collections planned in the Journal MAKE